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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I need to cancel my appointment. What are your policies?

Please remember that scheduling an appointment involves the reservation of your providers' time specifically for you. If you fail to cancel or change an appointment 24 hours in advance, we cannot bill for that time, and we are unable to offer that time to another patient. Appointments must be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee. Patients who provide late cancellation or fail to show up for 5 or more appointments at any time during the course of treatment will be discharged from the practice.

2.) Why do I have to attend a follow-up appointment?

Follow up appointments ensure the safety of patients who are continuing on medication maintenance therapy. The frequency of these appointments depends on your condition and the medications utilized.

Prescriptions & Refills

1.) Will my clinician complete a prior authorization for my insurance carrier?

Yes. But we ask you to remember that prior authorizations are a courtesy service. We make every effort to ensure prescribed medication.

2.) How and when should I request a refill?

Refills for non-controlled substances may be requested either by leaving a voice message or by contacting the pharmacy to initiate the refill through their automated system. Refills for controlled substances must be initiated through the clinic.